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Suffolk Supply Chain has been created in a partnership between Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and Suffolk County Council’s Economic Development team.
Suffolk has the highest proportion of Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects in the Country
to be spent on Suffolk highways in the next 10 years
Upcoming investment in Suffolk
major construction projects being planned in Suffolk
new homes built annually in Suffolk
Connecting & empowering Suffolk
We are proud to introduce this platform as a vital resource to empower and connect businesses in our County, fostering growth, sustainability and social value.

The Suffolk Supply Chain team is committed to advancing the circular economy in our region by providing businesses with access to a network of suppliers, buyers and partners within the County. By connecting with neighbouring companies, you can reduce transportation costs, strengthen local supply chains and support fellow businesses, all of which contribute to the economic growth of Suffolk.​

Connecting & empowering Suffolk
Working together for a brighter future

In a world increasingly focussed on sustainability, our portal equips local businesses with the tools and information needed to embrace environmentally responsible practices. We also understand the importance of giving back to the community. Suffolk Supply Chain promotes the creation of social value by facilitating partnerships with local organisations, charities and community initiatives. This allows your business to contribute to the betterment of Suffolk while enhancing your brand’s reputation.​

We invite all local businesses to join us on this journey towards a more prosperous, eco-conscious and socially responsible Suffolk. Together, we can build a brighter future for our region.

Working together for a brighter future
Suffolk Chamber of Commerce

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce is the largest independent business forum in the county. The Chamber was originally established in 1884. Our membership accounts for over 100,000 employees and our reach is deep - with regular access and communication to many other businesses across every part of Suffolk and across every sector, where we champion, represent and respond as the voice of Suffolk business

But our impact extends beyond our members. We actively contribute to Suffolk's economic development by promoting job creation, business retention, and community outreach. By collaborating with various stakeholders, we work towards shared goals and objectives, fostering a thriving business ecosystem.

Join forces with the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber community to unlock the full potential of your business. Together, we will shape a prosperous future for Suffolk and beyond.

For more information about the benefits of Chamber membership click here or email membership@suffolkchamber.co.uk

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
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