Connecting Suffolk businesses with local opportunities

Driving Suffolk businesses forward
We understand the critical importance of a streamlined and efficient supply chain to drive your business forward.

The Suffolk Supply Chain portal is your gateway to optimised operations, enhanced collaboration and unparalleled transparency. Whether you’re a supplier, distributor, or customer, this portal empowers you with the tools you need to excel in today’s dynamic business landscape.​

Driving Suffolk businesses forward
Benefits of the Suffolk Supply Chain

We believe in the power of innovation and collaboration to transform supply chains. Our portal and the team behind it are designed to be your strategic partners on this journey.

Increased efficiency

Streamline operations, reduce lead times and cut costs by optimising your supply chain processes​

Enhanced collaboration

Connect with stakeholders seamlessly, promoting smoother communication and co-operation​

Data-driven decisions

Leverage data analytics to make informed decisions that drive growth and efficiency​

Improved customer satisfaction

Deliver products to customers on time, every time, and exceed their expectations​


Read recommendations from other businesses to make informed decisions about suppliers


Build a resilient supply chain capable of adapting to changing market conditions and disruptions​

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